Singapore FinTech Festival Coverage: Hackathon & “Learning Bytes”

Don’t have FOMO.  Check out our Singapore FinTech Festival coverage:

We were honored to partner with the Monetary Authority of Singapore on their first week-long global Singapore FinTech Festival in November which coincided with our Singapore campus opening.  The Festival attracted more than 11,000 from all over the world.

To kick-off the event, we teamed up with Startupbootcamp FinTech to throw a FinTech hackathon.  Partners from companies such as Xignite, Yodlee/Envestnet, Quantopian, IBM, Mastercard and more sponsored, mentored, judged and added brainpower to the event.  Check out our video for hackathon coverage.

FinTech Festival Hackathon

Learning Bytes Workshops
During the Festival week we held “Learning Bytes by Byte Academy” workshops at Singapore’s main Expo Center where we had our own classroom.  Our Founder also moderated a panel on the Capital Markets.  For those who missed our workshops, check out some presentations below.

Intro to Programming For Finance

View Presentation

Communicating With Coders

View Presentation

Intro to FinTech APIs With Xignite and CEO Stephane Dubois

View Presentation

Intro to Data Science (aka “Big Data”) for FinTech With IBM

View Presentation

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