Singapore Disclosure

Campus Gallery – We provide whiteboards, desks, chairs, paper, printer, projector and computers. Ensuring the learning journey of each student to be at maximum capacity.

Meet our team members: 

Director: Rak Chugh

Academic Board:

Thomas Harvey, Instructor

Emily Hunt, Associate Director

The Academic and Examination Board members: 

Emily Hunt: She helped to set up the launch of Singapore’s office and also responsible for to replicate the Byte Academy US program. Took the responsibility of leading the Byte’s Academy involvement in Singapore FinTech Festival and community engagement.

Thomas Harvey: He is an instructor of Python and FinTech. He is also the Ambassador of the Byte Academy US program.

  • Admissions Procedure – Our admissions process helps us determine the core traits we’ve seen help students succeed in and after the program:

1) Submit an application, we will review and generally respond within 2 business days.

2) Conduct phone interview.

3) Pay deposit to reserve a seat in the class.

4) Do pre-admission course work (where applicable).

5) Set a date to meet with teachers to get setup and review before class officially starts (where applicable).

6) Receive confirmation of admission and start date.

  • Pre-Admission Course Work Requirement for the Following Courses (Python Full Stack Bootcamp – Full-time / Part-time / Remote) – Students are given pre-admission course work for certain courses after they’ve been accepted and enroll in the program. It is designed to ensure all students start off with an introductory level of knowledge in the subject. Completion of the pre-work is mandatory and ensures a baseline level of knowledge in each class. Mastery of each subject is not expected. If a student is unable to complete the work prior to the first day of the course and seeks to cancel enrollment, he or she should refer to the Cancellation Policy.


Grading System Grade  Definition 
P (Pass)  

Has satisfactorily met all minimum course requirements as outlined under Standards of Progress.

F (Fail) Has not satisfactorily met all minimum course requirements as outlined under Standards of Progress.
I (Incomplete)  

An incomplete is provided only if a faculty member gives an extension to a particular student to complete a course project. An extension can only be granted for a maximum of 30 days from the last day of class. If a student is not able to complete his/her project within this amount of time, he/she will be given an F.

  • Graduation – Byte Academy does not have a cumulative final test for the completion of any of our courses.
  • Completion – A Letter of Completion is issued to each student who has successfully fulfilled the Byte Academy requirements of obtaining a “Pass” in a course.
  • Standards of Progress – Byte Academy measures student progress through frequent homework assignments and in-depth projects. Students are graded with pass or fail. To receive a passing grade, students must:

1. Receive a passing grade on 80% of all homework assignments. Homework is graded on the basis of completion. To receive a passing grade on a homework assignment, students must complete 100% of the minimum tasks specified in that assignment.

2. Maintain consistent attendance as outlined in the Attendance section. A passing grade in attendance will be given to students with no more than two or four absences, depending on the length of the program.

3. Receive a passing grade on all course projects. Course projects are graded with Pass or Fail. Students are formally evaluated for progress towards completion at the following point:

Course Length  Evaluation Point 
12 weeks End of 4th week and end of 8th week

Byte Academy does not have a cumulative final test for the completion of any of our courses.

Affordable Education –
Tuition Fee Refund Policy: We will refund your tuition if you do not get a job within six months of graduating our full-time 12 week programs. However, you must hold up your end of the job search, which means:
Working with career services from Phase 1 of enrollment
Completion of our full-time 12 week course with satisfactory evaluations without repeating any phases
Completion of our Career Services form within one weeks of the first day of class (this helps us understand your goals and come up with the best path to achieve them)
Completion of all career-prep check points
Follow-up and acceptance of all Career Services recommendations, including on jobs that will be relevant to your experience and program.
When communicating with Career Services you must be responsive and reply within 72 hours
You must apply to at least 5 relevant jobs per week and submit weekly job search logs to the Career Services team.
We’re going to require you to track all the employers and positions you apply to, as well as dates, email correspondence, and application materials related to your job search. You’ll need to provide all of this to the Career Services team so they can help you as much as possible.
You must be willing to accept a job in a relevant field as recommended by our Career Services team.
If you are a Singapore student you must live in Singapore.
You must explicitly request your reimbursement in writing within 15 days of completing your job search. If for some reason you do not hear from us you must have a written email record of writing to us.
You must be a fluent English speaker and writer and at least 18 years old
If you do not meet all of the conditions above you can still enroll and waive the tuition reimbursement guarantee.