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“Instructor, I would like a side of Python with my JavaScript, please.”         — Applicants testing commitment to 3 phase coding bootcamp Those hesitant to make a 12 week (full-time) or 24 week (part-time) commitment to coding bootcamp can now take each phase of Byte Academy’s  three phase program individually, or, à la carte.    Beginner programmers can “test” their commitment to programming by only signing up for Phase 1.  By passing a Python Programming Challenge those more advanced can “jump” over, or, skip, Phase 1 — the “Python Jump Program.” Such candidates should be looking to advance or tailor their programming skills to a specific industry which includes Byte Academy’s FinTech (Financial Technology), Data Science, and/or MedTech (Medical Technology) options.


Python Jump Program – Qualifications: At least one year’s worth of experience coding in Python, personally or professionally, is recommended with the ability to demonstrate experience working with MVC (model view controller) and a knowledge of SQL databases.  Think you’re qualified?  Next step is to take the Python Programming Challenge…

Administration: Individuals will receive the Python Programming Challenge after submission of a non-binding application. The Challenge is a quiz that takes approximately six to ten hours depending on skill level. Upon completion, candidates will upload their submission to  GitHub and a instructor will review.

Timeline: Those interested should submit an application ASAP in order to have enough time to complete the Python Challenge and interview before choice cohort(s) fill up.  The deadline for the next cohort is February 19. After the quiz, an interview will be scheduled for all applicants where they’ll be questioned about their programming chops and their drive to survive and complete a bootcamp.

Prepared to jump?  Here’s a summary of the Byte Academy phases for reference:

Phase I: Students attend the core classes needed to learn Python and work within various libraries and databases.

Phase II: Students select an industry track and attend workshops and lectures in their specialty.

Phase III: Students work on their keystone project which will be built from scratch in Python. Topics can be industry-oriented or personal; some students choose to do real projects for actual companies.

**Fine print: With the Python Jump Program applicants pay a la carte at $3,500 per phase, not the full $10,000 fee for the three-phase program. As always, Byte Academy provides 20% off tuition for all women and has numerous financial aid options available.

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