Python Fullstack (Part-Time)

part-time 24 Weeks

2x per week, 6:00 pm-9:00 pm

Start: September 24, 2019

End: March 12, 2020

Location: New York

295 Madison Ave., 35 FL

Choose Python, Data Science, FinTech or Blockchain
Python Fullstack

Learn Python fullstack development with the option to select an industry focus such as FinTech or Blockchain.  With these, you learn our core fullstack curriculum then go deeper by applying it to specific industries.

Why Python Fullstack?  Python is a coding language known for its speed and analytical capabilities. It is popular in areas including finance and data analysis, and is used by companies in multiple industries such as Bank of America, JP Morgan, BuzzFeed and Pinterest.  It has been ranked as the highest paid coding language for recent bootcamp grads.*  Python is known for its efficiency yet simplicity. Python has numerous open-source libraries and is actually named after the Monty Python movie!

About Our Programs: Part-time classes are taught by a leading Wall Street technologist, with many years of experience at top tier investment banks.  Students will also have access to industry experts, including founders and CEOs, who guest lecture and/or mentor.  Core technology curriculum emphasizes Python3 in addition to other front and backend languages including JavaScript, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3.  Other topics include: SQL, Pandas, jQuery, Flask, AJAX and more.  We cover blockchain in the core program and offer a blockchain track for those who seek a stronger focus.  Curriculum is heavily project based with emphasis on teamwork.  Past projects includes:

  • Botserver – Allows businesses to interact with their community via artificial intelligence chatbots.
  • Valorem – Commercial real estate data aggregator.
  • Medical Map – Proof of Concept for real MedTech startup.
  • PolitiPic – Predicts voter outcomes using facial recognition.
  • MoneyMusic – Uses a recommendation engine to creates playlists for users based on their Spotify library.

Schedule: Classes are Tuesday and Thursday, 6:00pm – 9:00 pm over 24 weeks.  Instructor access outside class hours. Many take our classes while balancing a full time career.



Industry Tracks

Our optional tracks let you focus in desired areas, while taking our core Python Fullstack program above.  Both technology and industry curriculum are covered.  Class schedule is the same as the core program.


In addition our Python fullstack curriculum, we’ll cover topics including blockchain, cryptocurrency, KYC, insurance (InsurTech), robo advisory, regulatory tech (RegTech) and more.  We’ll also introduce you to some popular platforms and widely used FinTech APIs.  These may include: Xignite, Yodlee/Envestnet, Reuters, Bloomberg, IBM, Monax and more.

Upon graduation of this program, you will be able to develop applications for the finance industry.  During the program you will create numerous group and industry projects. Past projects include:

  • Flexinvest – Crowdfunds Wall Street investments
  • Market Tracker – Graphs stock prices related to tweets
  • FinFormat – Personalized financial planning application
  • Jade Lizard – Options strategy to maximize  returns

 Download Fintech syllabus


Created with industry professionals and featured in Bloomberg, our blockchain course is one of the first.  In addition to our core Python Fullstack curriculum, the blockchain track covers topics such as solidity, smart contracts, cryptocurrency, public vs private blockchains, ethereum, Bitcoin, enterprise blockchains and more.  Projects are all  blockchain related and can pertain to any industry.  For those who want to delve even deeper, we feature regular guest lectures by industry experts, including startup founders and CEOs.  Some also mentor students.

Download Blockchain syllabus


With our course created in partnership with a leading statistics – arb hedge fund,  we’ll help you understand core statistical concepts and develop the tools for data analysis. Classes will emphasize model creation and validation along with theoretical skills and statistical modeling interference.

We’ll help you learn now to utilize Python’s advanced data libraries including pandas, numpy, scikit-learn, and more. We’ll also delve into statistical topics such as summary statistics, regression, time series, hypothesis testing, and much more. Other areas that we will cover include:

Python primer, stats concepts, time series – forecasting model, sample models, trading algorithms, model fit analysis, analyzing risk, factor models and quant applications.

Although this course is suitable for all industries, for those who choose a finance focus education on algorithms will be geared towards investments. We’ll prime you and connect you with our network for a career at a bank, hedge fund and/or other company that you seek out.

Download Quant Algo syllabus


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis for all programs.  Part-time classes start every 2 months.  For additional dates, please see  class calendar*



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