Data Science Remote

remote 14 Weeks

Mon - Fri, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Start: January 13, 2020

End: April 17, 2020

Location: Remote


Learn the tools in order to become a Data Scientist, ranked #1 career for the third year in a row.*

With our remote data science program, you can specify the number of hours per week that you want to study data science.  After the program, graduates enter data science related roles such as data engineers, data analysts and data scientists.  Companies in all industries have immense amounts of data and need specialists to analyze the data in order to optimize business decisions — a data science skillset is in high demand.


Our curriculum emphasizes Python, a coding language that is highly efficient at analyzing data and also popular with beginners.  Other course topics include  data acquisition, data analysis, Pandas, machine learning, regression, statistical modeling, time series analysis, neural networks, Hadoop, SQL, NoSQL and more.  Please see syllabus for full details.

Industry Focus: Students may choose to focus on data science applications and use cases in their industry of choice (eg finance, medicine).  This may include working one:one with industry mentors, particularly for project work.


Upon enrollment, students are matched up with instructors and a technology mentor that will work with you for the program duration.  They will be there to answer your questions via online chat boards and work with you live 1:1 for a specified number of hours per week depending on the program  selected.  If you choose an industry focus, you may “trade-in” technology mentor hours.

Program Structure

Students may choose from three flexible formats (Min, Mid and Max) tailored to the number of hours per week which they would like to dedicate to the course.

Flexible Schedules

Min-Time: The lowest time commitment option. You’ll spend only 10-15 hours per week learning how to code over nine or more months. Two hours per week will be spent with a live mentor and you’ll complete at least one project before graduation. We’ll provide career prep and job search help too.

Mid-Time: Requires more weekly time commitment but includes the most extensive level of career services. With Mid-Time, you’ll spend 20-25 hours per week learning how to code over six or more months. You’ll have three hours per week with a live mentor and career support throughout and after the engagement.

Max-Time: Devote the maximum amount of time learning how to code with this option. You’ll spend 40 or more hours per week learning how to code over three or more months. We offer Q&A chat board with our instructors, career prep, and job search help.

Mentor hours, pricing, career services and other components of the program  vary for each according to the chart below:

Min Mid Max
Hours Per Week 10-15 20-25 40
Industry Project Work
Community Chatboard
Final Project 1 up to 2 up to 3
1:1 Mentor Hours / Week 2 3 4
Career Services
Post Grad Career Support
Monthly Fee $1200 $1380 $1600



No prior data science experience is required.

Start Dates

Rolling start dates.  Students may begin within two weeks of being accepted in the program and will have the opportunity to try the first week for free.  Like it? There is the opportunity to upgrade to a monthly plan.
*Glassdoor, as of 2019


Guest Speakers