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  • Immersive Programs

    > Fullstack Python Web Development
    > Data Science
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    > Extensive hiring network
    > Develop projects leveraging prior industry experience
  • Small Classes

    > Student: Instructor ratio averaging less than 5 to 1
    > Personalized, focused learning experience
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    > Starting at $500
    > Financing partners & income sharing

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Python Software Development

> Why? We emphasize Python in our fullstack curriculum as it has been ranked the highest paid coding language for recent bootcamp graduates.  Also it’s a great beginner language due to its simplicity, yet analytical capability.

> Curriculum: In addition to Python, our curriculum includes instruction in other front and back-end languages including JavaScript, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3.  We include languages, frameworks and computer science fundamentals that you can develop fullstack applications and land a career in web development.

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New YorkIndia

Data Science

> Why? Ranked the number one career for the third year in a row by Glassdoor.  Companies have immerse amounts of data that they need specialists to analyze in order to help make proper business decisions.

> Curriculum: Emphasizes the Python programming language and data science libraries.  Topics include: machine learning, distributed computing, predictive modeling, statistics, math and visualization.

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New York

“Byte Academy has been fantastic… I really like launching myself into an immersive hands on program from day one. Where an experience like this teaches you the theory, but every moment is devoted to learning how to apply that theory.”

Eddie Via Perth, Australia

“The skills I learned helped me pivot into the tech industry.  The base language of Byte, Python, is particularly valuable for anyone looking to get into data-intensive industries or roles (I recently accepted a position as a Data Integration Engineer).”

Nat Self-Described "Soccer Nut"

Career Focus

  • Resume and interview prep

  • Project based curriculum, mentorship and internship programs

  • Extensive hiring network

  • Graduates hired by leading tech companies

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