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Our Next Classes Start…

Please see upcoming start dates for our summer classes, classes in New York City.   New classes start approximately once per month.  Please realize that there there is a set number of hours for pre-bootcamp work that must be completed before the first day of class. Please see the India and Singapore pages for start dates in those locations.  For additional course details please see our course listing.

Summer Program

8 and 12 week versions of our full-length programs that we have designed with shorter student and summer schedules in mind. These summer programs are offered for Python Fullstack 420, Full Time FinTech Python Full-stack and Data  Science Immersive .  Individuals may also take part in classes remotely.

Year-Round Full, Part-Time + Remote Programs

14 and 24 week options


Can’t commit to an entire bootcamp program?  Check out our Data Science Mini-Courses

With our Data Science mini-courses below we’ve broken down our  curriculum into modules so that individuals can learn various areas of Data Science at their own speed and quantity.  Classes are held after work, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm, on the days listed for classes individually.  Individuals can enroll directly rather than go through an application process.


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