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This summer learn from industry experts

  We pioneered industry-focused programs beginning with the launch of our Full Time FinTech Python Full-stack course, the first of its type.  Now, we are offering it in addition Python Fullstack, Python Fullstack 420, Data Science Immersive, and/or Full Time FinTech Python Full-stack in abbreviated formats for the summer.  By the end of our program you will have developed an application for your chosen industry.

We work with companies to develop and adapt our curriculum to teach skill-sets that match real hiring needs. Leading business executives, industry professionals, and those passionate about education and software development help us craft our courses.  We’ve even implemented a job guarantee.  Students do real project work for companies while they are enrolled.

Python + Other In-Demand Languages

Python_logo-256  Our coding curriculum teaches Python in addition to JavaScript and front-end languages including HTML, HTML5, CSS/CSS3.  We chose to emphasize Python as it’s great for processing multiple levels of data.  It’s used heavily in data science, finance, medicine, media and other industries.  It’s also one of the highest paid coding language for recent bootcamp grads.  Our New York City headquarters, in fact, was the first to launch a full-time Python program in its metro area.

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Ensure a Job After Graduation

Technology impacts all industries. Knowing how to program will make you desirable in the workforce regardless of the career path. Major in your passion and get a job.

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Like philosophy or another of the liberal arts?  We’ll provide the practical skills so you can study your passion in school.






I’ve watched students from all sorts of background learn how to code. What makes them successful?  Passion.

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Industry Focus

  • FinTech Fullstack

    We were the first to offer FinTech coding education.

    Our Full Time FinTech Python Full-stack classes are offered in New York, Singapore, and India

    FinTech is a rapidly growing industry:

    • 2015 global FinTech investment grew by 75% y-o-y to $22.2 billion
    • In the first-quarter 2016 global Fintech investment grew 67% year-over-year to $5.3 billion
    • Average salary for a Fintech software engineer? $100,000+(Bank Innovation Analysis)

    Areas of FinTech Include:  Peer to Peer Lending, Cryptocurrency,  Mobile Payments, Analytics, Developer APIs, Cybersecurity, Cloud Security

    The divide between banking and engineering roles has dwindled, putting individuals who could not keep up with technology out of work. In response to this transition of talent, we train individuals how to program for financial domain. Students graduate with the ability the develop financial applications.

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    Partners in our FinTech ecosystem include

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    Byte Academy offers the 1st FinTech coding education program in the world

  • Python Fullstack

    Python, the core coding language of our curriculum, is the highest paid coding language for recent bootcamp graduates

    Classes emphasizing full stack Python development are offered in full and part-time formats in New York and other locations

    We teach languages, frameworks and computer science fundamentals that you need to land a career in web development. We emphasize the Python coding language because:

    • Python is the highest paid language for recent bootcamp grads starting salaries average $90,000
    • Python is based on simplicity with high analytical capability
    • There is nearly twice the demand for programmers proficient in Python versus other language on leading job search sites
    • Python is the #1 language taught at American colleges

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    Companies that use Python include

    Did you know that Guido van Rossum, the founder of the Python named the programming language after Monty Python?

  • Data Science

    Data Scientists are the highest paid engineers

    Our Data Science Immersive classes are offered in New York and Singapore

    Data Science, sometimes known as “big data,” is a rapidly growing highly lucrative field. Companies in all industries have immense amounts of data but need specialists to analyze the data in order to make proper business decisions. A data scientist cleans, organizes and analyzes data using tools such as distributed computing, predictive modeling, machine learning, statistics, math and visualization. The Python coding language, core to our curriculum, is used heavily in the data sciences due to its analytical capability. A data science skill set is highly in demand:

    • As the highest paid engineers salaries average $113,000 average salary
    • By 2018 there will be a demand for 490,000 data science jobs. This demand is expected to exceed supply by more than 50%
    • By 2020, it is estimated that there will be 240 exabytes daily by 2020

    A data science background is useful for other roles including: data analyst, data engineer, data architect, data and analytics manager, and statistician.

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    Data Partners Include

    Harvard Business Review Named Data Scientists "The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century"

Study at our campus in the heart of Manhattan, one block from Grand Central Station and a short walk to the largest companies of the world. Enjoy a spectacular view with numerous dining and shopping options while you learn how to code

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Learn to code over 12 or 8 weeks.  Have more time? Try our full, 14 week program.


Affording Byte

We have have numerous lending partners and financial aid options in order to afford our programs.

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Our instructors are industry professionals passionate about education