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  We pioneered industry-focused programs beginning with the launch of our FinTech Python course, the first of its type.  Now, we are offering this in addition to courses in areas such as Python Fullstack Development and Blockchain in abbreviated formats for the summer.

All our courses include coverage of blockchain technology which students have the option to dive deep in by signing up for our blockchain program.  By the end of the summer you will have developed projects for your chosen industry and created a portfolio to showcase to potential employers.

We work with companies to develop and adapt our curriculum to teach skill-sets that match real hiring needs. Leading business executives, industry professionals, and those passionate about education and software development help us craft our courses. Students may do real project work for companies while they are enrolled. Career services and placement is emphasize in our program.

Python + Other In-Demand Languages

Python_logo-256  Our coding curriculum teaches Python in addition to JavaScript and front-end languages including HTML, HTML5, CSS/CSS3.  We chose to emphasize Python as it’s great for processing multiple levels of data.  It’s used heavily in data science, finance, medicine, media and other industries.  It’s also one of the highest paid coding language for recent bootcamp grads.  Our New York City headquarters, in fact, was the first to launch a full-time Python program in its metro area.

We offered career support after graduation so that you can enhance your career for life.