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next cohort intake commences on our Singapore campus in: 

    Spring 2017

About Byte Academy Singapore

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    Specialized Education

    Industry focused programs in Full Stack Python Development, FinTech and Data Science

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    Guaranteed Job Placements

    Receive a full tuition refund if you do not get a job within 6 months of graduation. Students will also receive lifelong advisory and career support throughout their Byte journey with us.  For more information, please refer to our Singapore Disclosure page

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    Flexible Format

    Our programs come in a variety of formats to meet your scheduling needs including full-time, part-time and workshops.

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    Engage with a vibrant community of learners, students, professionals, industry experts, hackers, entrepreneurs and many more.

The skills I learned helped me pivot into the tech industry. The base language of Byte, Python, is particularly valuable for anyone looking to get into data-intensive industries or roles (I recently accepted a position as a Data Integration Engineer).

Nat Student - Byte Academy NY

Singapore Courses

Our Singapore classes include Python Software Development, FinTech and Data Science.

Full-Time Courses
Python Fullstack Software Development

Time Duration: 12 Weeks
Days/Time: 5 Days Per Week

Learn the languages, frameworks, and computer science fundamentals that you need to land a career in web development. The curriculum places heavy emphasis on teamwork, peer programming, and projects to showcase to employers. We emphasize the Python programming language as it based on the foundational structure of networked programming. We provide instruction in other front and backend languages including JavaScript, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3.

Course Details


Time Duration: 12 Weeks
Days/Time: 5 Days Per Week

Learn the fundamentals of the financial industry across different asset classes, such as bonds and equities, as well as challenges and opportunities in the startup space, including regulation, blockchain, KYC, AML, and more. Combine this with a course in full-stack software development with Python and JavaScript utilizing the Flask web framework, the Pandas data analysis library, the MatPlotLib and D3 graphing libraries, and the jQuery DOM manipulation library. In the final phase, build a full-fledged financial application with this knowledge.

Course Details

Short Courses
Fundamentals of Computer Programming in Python

Time Duration: 8 Weeks
Days/Time: 2 Evenings Classes Per Week

Learn the alphabet. Beginning with zero programming knowledge, graduates of this short course will leave with an understanding of programming fundamentals: variable assignment, operators, loops, conditionals, functions, recursion, and object-oriented programming in Python, as well as SQL – the structured query language. The final project is a moderately complex application utilizing the Model View Controller design pattern, an SQL database, and an API. The Fundamentals short course has no pre-requisites. Syllabus to come.

Data Science

Time Duration: 8 Weeks
Days/Time: 2 Evening Classes Per Week

Learn the Python Data Science Stack: Jupyter Notebook, Anaconda, Panda, numpy, scipy, nltk, etc. Learn data acquisition, exploration, analysis, and visualization. Learn GeoSpatial data analysis, data storage and management with SQL and NoSQL solutions, big data and cluster computing, statistical modeling and inference, and machine learning. Learn to apply this knowledge to create actionable steps towards the improvement of a business.
puting, statistical modeling and inference, and machine learning. Syllabus to come.


We regularly host workshops and other community events on campus located at:

991D Alexandra Road #01-22/23 Singapore 119972

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“Byte Academy became a bridge towards my career in programming. A very fast-paced, challenging program was just what I needed to learn coding.”

Yulia First Female Graduate of Byte Academy NY

Meet Our Students

Our Class Environment

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    Project Based Curriculum: Lets students solve real problems for companies and build a portfolio of work to showcase them in the future.

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    Bootcamp Ready: Equipping our students with the relevant skillsets in order to excel in their jobs.

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    Meetups and Workshops: Weekly meetups and workshops conducted by our lead instructor, company founders and industry veterans providing tips and industry insights.

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    Support System: Once a student has enrolled with us, we will guide him/her through the whole learning journey and the ultimate goal of getting the student successfully placed in a job.

Leading Companies Hire Our Graduates

We have partnered with some of Singapore’s leading companies



Become part of a community that is fostered on and off campus with numerous opportunities to interact with large and diverse circles.

This is done through our extensive mentor and alumni network, access to top industry events, and regular meetups including guest speakers, demo days and hackathons.

Here’s just a sample of some of the communities in our ecosystem

Join our community


We are located at Alexandra Road – a bustling tech and business park of Singapore, home to the new Google Asia Pacific office and other banking and tech companies such as Hewlett-Packard, ANZ, Samsung.

Nearest MRT station is Labrador Park (CC27). There is a side entrance along Telok Blangah Road. We are at 991D Alexandra Road, #01-22/23, next to the LG service center


Our admissions process

  1. Register
  2. Pass ByteDev* and Pay Fees
  3. Fill up the necessary documents
  4. Show up for the course interview*
    *Only applicable for Full-Time Courses. 
  5. Enroll

Course Fees and Subsidies

Cost for our full-time program is SGD$10,000 before TIPP subsidy.

Cost for our short course program is SGD$2,000 before CITREP+ subsidy.

We strive to make education affordable.

Alternative financing available

Talk to us to find your alternative financing options.

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