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Just Launched: India Foundation Program ! 

Leaders in FinTech, Data Science, Blockchain & Python Software Development Education


    Byte Benefits

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      Specialized Education

      Industry focused programs in FinTech, Data Science, Python and Blockchain that deep dive into all aspects of technology

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      Career Focus

      Students receive lifelong advisory, placement and support via our career counseling service, extensive partner and alumni network

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      Flexible Format

      Our programs come in a variety of formats to meet your scheduling needs including full-time intensive, part-time and workshops.

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      Engage with a vibrant community of learners, students, professionals, industry experts, hackers, entrepreneurs and more. Join our meetup group

    “At Byte, Classroom Course is much more than just covering what has been listed in the Course Outline. I value the time that I will be spending at the Centre. The  courses include features (more focused towards Machine Learning & AI) that will help not just optimise learning to the maximum, but also create value professionally in the long term.”

    Ranjith Byte Academy, Bangalore

    India Courses

    Byte Academy Bangalore currently offers classes in Python Software Development, FinTech and Data Science

    Foundation Course on Software Development

    Foundation 4 Week, 5 Days Per Week Full Time

    Our Foundation Course on Software Development teaches  fundamentals of computer science, kickstarting coding and programming skills, foundational concepts of mathematics for computer science. The curriculum emphasizes Python programming language as a coding language to learn all the foundational concepts.

    Course Details

    Python Full Stack Software Development

    Foundation 4 Week, 5 Days Per Week | Full Time 12 Week, 5 Days Per Week | Part-Time 24 Week, Saturday and Sunday

    Our software development course teaches languages, frameworks, and computer science fundamentals that you need to land a career in web development. The Curriculum emphasizes Python, a coding language based on the foundational structure of networked programming. We provide instruction in other front and backend languages including JavaScript, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3.

    Course Details


    Foundation 4 Week, 5 Days Per Week | Full Time 12 Week, 5 Days Per Week | Part-Time 24 Week, Saturday and Sunday

    Learn the fundamentals of the financial industry across different asset classes, such as bonds and equities, as well as challenges and opportunities in the startup space, including regulation, blockchain, KYC, AML, and more. Combine this with a course in full-stack software development with Python and JavaScript utilizing the Flask web framework, the Pandas data analysis library, the MatPlotLib and D3 graphing libraries, and the jQuery DOM manipulation library. In the final phase, build a full-fledged financial application with this knowledge.

    Course Details

    Data Science

    Foundation 4 Week, 5 Days Per Week | Full Time 12 Week, 5 Days Per Week | Part-Time 24 Week, Saturday and Sunday

    Learn the Python Data Science Stack: Jupyter Notebook, Anaconda, Panda, numpy, scipy, nltk, etc. Learn data acquisition, exploration, analysis, and visualization. Learn GeoSpatial data analysis, data storage and management with SQL and NoSQL solutions, big data and cluster computing, statistical modeling and inference, and machine learning.

    Course Details



    What is the instructor profile?
    A curated mix of industry experts, veterans in education, and core technology experts conduct our courses. We will also have online classes with instructors from our New York City headquarters.

    How will Byte Academy help me get a job? 
    We provide our students with extensive career counseling and advisory services, resume and interview prep guidance, as well as connect them with our wide range of recruiting partners.

    How many people are in a cohort?
    Our courses tend to be around 15 people to be able to ensure sufficient focus on final projects and personalized learning. We will have multiple cohorts starting on a rolling basis to accommodate the student.

    Where is Byte Academy located?

    The campus is located in No. 13 Gurukrupa Mansions, Krishnareddy Layout, Domlur, Bangalore.

    For more questions, please email


    Cover a variety of topics including front-end development, time series data training, algorithms and more.

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    “The content and the syllabus of Byte academy covers a lot of topics in the field. This will allow me to work on any technology that I learn here. The short duration allows me to have intense study schedule which I feel is effective.”

    Ananth Sharma Byte Academy, Bangalore

    Meet Our Students

    Global Partners


    Our partners include leading institutions, Fortune 500 companies, accelerators, startups, universities and more.

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    Become part of a community that is fostered on and off campus with numerous opportunities to interact with large and diverse circles.

    This is done through our extensive mentor and alumni network, access to top industry events, and regular meetups including guest speakers, demo days and hackathons.

    Here’s just a sample of some of the communities in our ecosystem

    Join our community


    Our admissions process

    1. Register
    2. Pass ByteDev* and Pay Fees
    3. Submit necessary documents
    4. Interview (full-time only) 
    5. Enroll


    Fees for our full-time and part-time programmes, and short courses vary. Please reach out to for more information


    Ask about our loan options!

    We strive to make education more affordable.

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