Event Coverage: Google Cloud Next Trifecta

Byte Academy recently teamed up with Google, particularly with the team involved with Google Cloud, to host three events simultaneously around the globe on March 9, 2017.  The events were geared towards those who could not make Google’s main Next 2017 Extended event in San Francisco.  Byte Academy meetups were hopping in:

Gatherings entailed workshops, panelists and networking.  Google Cloud Experts  flew in from places such as Amsterdam and other locales around the world to teach Byte Academy students and community members.  In London, the event was held in Google’s very own headquarters along with our partners University College of London (UCL) FinTech Society, which did a FABULOUS job co-hosting the evening.

Couldn’t make it?  Check out our video coverage, and, stay tuned for next year.

Want to study at Byte Academy but not located near a campus?  Check out the remote program.


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