Financial Aid (US)

Our tuition deferral program ensures that money is not barrier to a great education

In addition to lending partners and financial aid options, applicants have the option to defer the majority of their tuition until they get a job. For those not interested in this option, the tuition for our entire live US program is $14,950. We require a deposit paid upfront to reserve your space in a cohort.


Individuals can apply for our employment based tuition deferral program. Pay $3,000 upfront and once hired, students pay back the loan as a percentage of their first year salary. Rates vary depending on upfront deposit. The $3,000 down payment is applied towards the total debt.


Participate in our career services but don’t get a job within six months of graduation? We will provide a full refund of tuition. ┬áPlease see FAQ for details.


Our lending partners are available to provide loans to applicants for tuition in addition to living expenses. Approval times are typically 2-3 days. In a situation that you are not approved for a loan, our affiliated partners may be able to lend you the money directly.