Preparing For Facebook’s Data Science Interview

Read how to prepare and ace the Data Science interview from our instructor Lesley Cordero.  Lesley describes her experience taking the technical test at leading tech companies including Facebook and Foursquare.

I have a 20 min technical test for Data Science Intern position. This is my first such interview. What can I expect on the technical test?

I’ve interviewed for many data science positions, including internships,  from small start-ups to big companies like Foursquare and Facebook.  The sorts of questions I’ve gotten have varied a lot, actually.

Sometimes companies will treat it like a regular software engineer internship position and ask you traditional coding questions (string manipulation, data structures, etc.). You can find these test questions online.  Also, Cracking the Coding Interview is a great resource.  Byte Academy hosts a regular meetup which practices interview questions based on this book’s tips.

Others will actually go into questions more related to the position. For example, I’ve got questions about regression, bayes theorem, blatant arithmetic questions, distribution questions.  These questions you should be able to answer if you’ve taken a stat course or two.

And then there are some companies which are a mix of the two. So again, it really depends on the company.Research the company (check Glassdoor) and see what sorts of questions they ask on interviews so that you can prepare. If you can’t find anything, then your best bet is to prepare for anything.

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