Python Fullstack Immersive

full-time 14 Weeks

Mon - Fri, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Start: October 10, 2017

End: December 15, 2017

Location: New York

295 Madison Ave., 35 FL

full-time 12 Weeks

Mon - Fri, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Start: September 18, 2017

End: December 18, 2017

Location: India


Learn Python software development with New York City’s first bootcamp program

Our Python Fullstack Immersive course teaches languages, frameworks, and computer science fundamentals that you need to land a career in web development over a 12 or 14 week (full-time) period. The curriculum places heavy emphasis on teamwork, peer programming, and projects to showcase to employers.

Curriculum emphasizes Python, a coding language based on the foundational structure of networked programming. We provide instruction in other front and backend languages including JavaScript, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3.

Career services, such as instruction in public speaking, resume review, self branding and hiring events are woven into the program and provided for life. Some students also do their assigned projects for real employers.

*Our courses start every month, for more upcoming start dates please see class calendar*


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    Going to Byte Academy was the best decision of my Life
    By: Anthony on
    • Python Fullstack Immersive
    • Verified Student

    I can't say enough good things about Byte Academy. From the admissions, to the instructors, and everywhere in between this is a great bootcamp. The environment is very relaxed, while also maintaining a professional atmoshphere. I learned enough to build full stack apps, and if I am unsure of something, I now have the know-how to research and learn something new. I would recommend Byte Academy to anyone, and ecourage anyone who is on the fence, to go ahead and enroll!

    By: SHERYAR on
    • Python Fullstack Immersive
    • Verified Student

    I come from a computer science background. I graduated college in December 2015 and joined Byte in January 2016. I wanted to be a stronger developer so i wanted to join a boot camp. I was pretty skeptical of where I wanted to go, and I remember reading the reviews on this site, and becoming more skeptical, not knowing if Byte would be a great experience. However, because I wanted to learn python/django I went with it and joined byte. Jeff was my instructor for the three phases; he was a very helpful and great person along with all the other instructors at Byte. Byte is probably the best choice I’ve made in my life so far. It was much better than just having a degree in computer science. If you are thinking of join Byte I suggest you come in and just talk to some of the students that are in the later phases. Don’t even bother with speaking to the heads of Byte. Speak to the students and find out for yourself. I graduated Byte in April 2016, and I am so glad I chose byte and worked with a language like Python. Facts: -The curriculum is pretty hard but manageable, also there are ways to catch up if you slack off. -The space is not the biggest They do have lots of monitors and tables Instructors are very helpful. They all are willing to help you with a problem until you understand completely They are open 24/7 so you are able to come in and code weekends or late night ( I really love that about them) There are many other small features, like presentations, which help you prepare for the job world. You will be in mid down, lots of food places, great view. They have big name companies (Bloomberg, Ibm...) that actively take resumes of graduates from Byte. very helpful with resumes, cover letters, and preparing for interviews.

    Software Development
    By: Nat on
    • Python Fullstack Immersive
    • Verified Student

    Summary: Great for beginners. Do the prework. The smallness is both a positive (hands on instruction) and a slight negative (small network of fellow students and alumni through whom to find jobs). Great at teaching you the basics and how to learn. The phase 3 project is an awesome opportunity to build skills and build a portfolio showpiece. Python is great for the finance industry, academia, and data heavy projects. The career services aspect is a little lacking, and needs more structure. Attended: February-May 2016 Background: One quantitative methods in Mathematica course in college, one week of Coursera R programming, and some very limited self taught VBA skills. This course is great for those looking to get into full stack web development, especially those with a limited background in programming. In the first two phases you will learn the basics of object oriented programming and web development. The plentiful coursework and hands on instruction mean that, if the student puts in the time and energy, they will be able to build some pretty cool projects in phase 3. The course will give you a foundation in data structures, algorithms, database design, API's, and MVC architecture in phase 1. In phase 2 you will put these concepts into practice with the Django framework for the back end and JavaScript for the front end. You will also learn AJAX, so that by the end of phase 2 you can make a single page application. Phase 3, when you build your own project, is when you "take the training wheels off" and start figuring out frameworks or technologies yourself, and how to incorporate them into your project. Instructors will help point you in the right direction, while giving you the space to do your own work. Many students collaborate on their final project, which is not only an opportunity to build a better project than you could have on your own, but also gives you the opportunity to learn and use a version control system (in my case Git). Pros: hands on instruction, great curriculum, and a balance between instilling best practices and learning how to learn. That is, instructors will emphasize doing things the "right way" while also preparing you to figure out how to build projects yourself and learn yourself. Also learning Python and Django are great if you want to go into a more data heavy engineering role. Another advantage of Python is that it has many packages and libraries, so once you get the hang of it you can quickly use those packages and libraries to do some really cool things. Cons: If you're a complete beginner and don't do the pre-work it's very likely you will need to re-do phase one. The pre-work is essential for the student to hit the ground running. That's not really a con but just a note that it is really more like a four month commitment than a three month commitment. Also finding a job can take some time, but I think that's true for other bootcamps as well. "This course is great for those looking to get into full stack web development, especially those with a limited background in programming. Instructors will point you in the right direction, while giving you space to do your own work.”

    Software Development
    By: Yulia on
    • Python Fullstack Immersive
    • Verified Student

    “Byte Academy became a bridge towards my career in programming. A very fast-paced, challenging program was just what I needed to learn coding. In my opinion the biggest advantage is that it teaches Python! My relationship with BA continues past my graduation and I am very happy I chose Byte!"

    Software Development
    By: Sulekha on
    • Python Fullstack Immersive
    • Verified Student

    “Joining Byte Academy is one of the best decisions I have made. The program consists of three phases and by the end of the course every student will become a fully qualified web developer. I can say that the curriculum is well designed to transform highly motivated individuals with or without prior programming experience into full stack developers.”