FinTech Immersive

full-time 14 Weeks

Mon - Fri, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Start: June 18, 2018

End: September 19, 2018

Location: New York

295 Madison Ave., 35 FL

full-time 14 Weeks

Mon - Fri, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Start: July 18, 2018

End: October 17, 2018

Location: New York

295 Madison Ave., 35 FL

We are the leaders in FinTech and Blockchain education

Learn FinTech, or, Financial Technology with our FinTech bootcamp.  Choose to focus in areas including blockchain, payments, lending and more.

In order to build financial applications, we’ll first make sure your coding skills are sharp.  After you have mastered your programming skills with our time-tested Python full-stack development curriculum, we’ll enhance your FinTech industry knowledge and its technical tools.  With this, you’ll have have better framework to decide which area(s) of FinTech you will address via extensive project work.

Areas of FinTech we’ll cover on conceptual and  technical levels include: lending, payments, cryptocurrency/blockchain, KYC, insurance (InsurTech), robo advisory, regulatory tech (RegTech) and more.  We’ll also introduce you to some popular platforms and widely used APIs in the industry including: Xignite, Yodlee/Envestnet, Reuters, Bloomberg, IBM, Monax, others.

Additionally, we’ll help you understand the data science concepts that are being used by FinTech companies so that you can apply these to your project work.  Topics include:  Pandas data analysis, machine learning and sentiment analysis, time series regression, overview of algorithms and statistics used in quant trading.

We also offer a blockchain track  of the FinTech program which provides students the opportunity to delve deeply in the technology.  For this track, all student projects relate to the blockchain.

We’ll touch upon blockchain in our more general FinTech too including topics such as smart contracts, cryptography, internet of money and more.

All students will build a portfolio of projects to showcase to potential employers.  While some may choose to focus on blockchain, others choose to do their projects for real FinTech companies.  Sample student projects include:

  • FlexInvest – Crowdfunds Wall Street investments
  • Market Tracker – Graphs stock prices related to tweets
  • FinFormat – Personalized financial planning application
  • Jade Lizard – Options strategy to maximize profits

Throughout the program we provide the opportunity to attend leading FinTech industry conferences, meet founders, CEOs, executives, work with FinTech mentors and more

For Program Cost please do reach out to us as follows:
Phone: 0091 7619415917

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