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We’re filling the demand for blockchain expertise
Technical Programs

We have collaborated with leading industry experts and founders in order to provide an understanding of the tool which is revolutionizing all industries, not just finance.  Due its wide-ranging impact, we provide coverage of blockchain in all our technical courses including FinTech, Python Fullstack Development and Data Science.

For  a very targeted approach, we suggest choosing a blockchain focus as part of our FinTech bootcamp.

Sample topics include internet of money, ethereum, public vs. private blockchain technology, smart contracts, tokenization, ICO’s cryptography and more.  Our blockchain bootcamp was even featured in Bloomberg.



We also hold regular workshops on blockchain, with business-oriented and more technical options which are led by founders, CEOs and other professionals in the space.  Our Introduction To Enterprise Blockchains: Choosing The Best For Your Business workshop will occur on Saturday, February 3.

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Corporate Training
We offer onsite and hybrid (remote/onsite)  corporate training programs for both managerial and technical teams.  These can be customized for company needs.


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Guest Speakers