Data Sci 210: Natural Language Processing

part-time 3 Weeks

Tue & Thur, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Start: September 26, 2017

End: October 12, 2017

Location: New York

295 Madison Ave., 35 FL

Description:. In this 3 week course, students will learn about the text preprocessing, text analysis, and gain a thorough understanding of the field through the use of Python’s nltk, Spacy, and gensim modules.

Prerequisites: Python 101, DataSci 200, and DataSci 201, or proficiency in Python and data acquisition and visualization techniques. If these courses were not completed, students are expected to complete Introductory Python on ByteDev, Mathematics for Data Science,  as well as the additional assessment available on ByteDev.


  • Word Tagging
  • Textual Data Cleaning
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Information Extraction
  • Entity and Relation Extraction
  • Topic Modeling and Summarization
  • Tools & Technologies:
    • Python
    • Nltk
    • Spacy
    • Gensim
    • Word2Vec
    • TensorFlow