Data Science: Data Science Fundamentals

part-time 3 Weeks

Start: Rolling Admission

End: 3 weeks, 6 hrs. per week

Location: Worldwide

Price: $1,350

Description: Working off the fundamentals acquired through our online ByteDev Python course, students will spend this three week course working to advance their Python skills. Some topics include numpy, pandas, scipy, json, and more. This course is particularly great for those interested in data science, but suitable for anyone with an interest in Python.

Prerequisites: Students are expected to have completed the Introductory Python and Mathematics for Data Science courses, available on ByteDev.


  • Python Fundamentals
    • Lists and dictionaries
    • DataFrames
    • Functions
    • Object Oriented Programming
  • Descriptive Statistics
    • Summary Statistics
    • Distributions
  • Probability
    • Bayes Theorem
  • Linear Algebra
    • Vectors and Matrices
    • Matrix Operations
  • Tools and Technologies
    • Python
    • Numpy
    • SciPy